JUNE 2018 - #2

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The following dates are golf tournaments. June 16 - Open. July 7 - Tundra. August 25 - Night. September 8 - Members. Cougars TBD.
There are also time slots for group golf times. Poster attached.
With the continuous high speeds of vehicles around town, council has decided to amend the traffic bylaw. This includes removing yield signs on the Corner of 6th Street and Kensington Avenue and replacing them with stop signs.

In addition Council is going to put a set of speed bumps up around 300 block of Dominion Street to slow down traffic. Many children are crossing the street in that area to go play in the school yard. 

The Town has also purchased some Children playing signs to be placed at all entrances in town to remind people to slow down. You will see these changes coming in next week or two.

The speed limit in town is 40 km an hour; we will add more speed signs as well to make sure that the speed limit is clear from all entrances as well. Let’s keep everyone safe!

There have been reports of dirt bikes and quads on golf course. Please note this is prohibited, only golf carts are allowed on the course.
The ATV Bylaw is attached for you to review with regards to our ATV rules in town.

Summer Public Works:
The Town of Bredenbury is looking to hire a Summer Public Works person. See attached poster. 
Abatement of Nuisances Bylaw:
Also attached is abatement of nuisance’s bylaw. This includes unregistered vehicles and untidy yards.